ThistleWaithe Learning Center | From Our Director

From Our Director

Dear Parent:

Several years ago I spied in a flower shop the most beautiful sight – a cultivated thistle. Seeing its fascinating beauty immediately took me back to my childhood and I was inspired as I once again wondered about its structure and beauty.

Like the wild thistle, children are strong and resilient. They are born, grow and become adults – however, also like the wild thistle, not all of them grow to their fullest potential. However, if a child is given, like the cultivated thistle, the best environment for its growth, it will not only grow, it will thrive. And for a child this environment must be full of emotional and intellectual support and stimulation.

At ThistleWaithe, we believe in creating an environment that will nurture the child into its full potential – an environment that encourages the child to develop a depth of character that values the beauty of the mind and of nature and a respect and natural inclination of stewardship over all living things. ThistleWaithe is a place where all the thistles can grow to crown the sleeping place of kings and where all children can grow to become the magnificent individuals they were born to be.

We welcome you and your families and invite you to become part of the greatest moments in your children’s lives – the early days, when the seeds of greatness are planted and cultivated.

With kind regards,
Maria Fitzgerald