About ThistleWaithe

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate young children to be strong, well-adjusted personalities with the motivation and courage to make independent decisions with discernment. We will help children develop respect and mutual understanding of all other individuals. Children will become stewards of the environment and learn to protect and ensure the health of our world.

From an early age, we will introduce children to the pleasure of self-accomplishment and inspire them to become self-directed learners. Children will be encouraged to have a persistent attitude about life and learning.

With these principles established at a young age, children will become confident, responsible, self-motivated, and contributing members of their communities.

From Our Director

Dear Parent,

Several years ago I spied in a flower shop the most beautiful sight – a cultivated thistle. Seeing its fascinating beauty immediately took me back to my childhood and I was inspired as I once again wondered about its structure and beauty.

Like the wild thistle, children are strong and resilient. They are born, grow and become adults – however, also like the wild thistle, not all of them grow to their fullest potential. However, if a child is given, like the cultivated thistle, the best environment for its growth, it will not only grow, it will thrive. And for a child this environment must be full of emotional and intellectual support and stimulation.

At ThistleWaithe, we believe in creating an environment that will nurture the child into its full potential – an environment that encourages the child to develop a depth of character that values the beauty of the mind and of nature and a respect and natural inclination of stewardship over all living things. ThistleWaithe is a place where all the thistles can grow to crown the sleeping place of kings and where all children can grow to become the magnificent individuals they were born to be.

We welcome you and your families and invite you to become part of the greatest moments in your children’s lives – the early days, when the seeds of greatness are planted and cultivated.

With kind regards,
Maria Fitzgerald

Montessori Education

For over a century, the child-focused approach that Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, developed for educating children has been transforming schools worldwide. The Montessori classroom is a sanctuary for learning that meets the vast developmental needs of young children and prepares them to be independent and capable individuals beyond the classroom.

Carefully selected materials and a responsive curriculum provide a road map for each learner’s journey of discovery. A customized program for the child emerges from and harmonizes with their unique needs.

Children work individually and in groups to discover and explore their world and develop their full potential. From social-emotional growth and the creation of friendships to the grasp and mastery of abstract concepts, the child’s universe expands with the gentle support of teachers and peers.

ThistleWaithe is an associate member of the American Montessori Society (AMS). For additional information about Montessori education or the AMS, visit https://amshq.org

Girls stacking rocks on a log

Employment Opportunities at ThistleWaithe

Are you interested in transforming the lives of children? At ThistleWaithe, our Montessori learning environment allows you to help children build habits of excellence and experience the joy of life-long learning.

If you are interested in becoming a:

  • Classroom Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Intern
  • Volunteer

please send a cover letter indicating your interest in the position and a current resume to [email protected]

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